Look know futher HELP! I can get your compter going, and Go Go Fast. 

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Welcome to Go Go fast Computer Repair Specialist. Looking forword to helping you.

Welcome to Go Go Fast Computer Repair Specialist. My Name is Christopher Harris. My wife, Gaylene, we are avilable to help you with all your computer need.

Go Go Fast is an independant, dedicated family team with over 14 years of experience in creating computer solutions for Hawkes Bay clients. We can cut through the "techno babble" and give you the helpful advise and product info you need, to get the best use out of your own Computer, putting you back in control.

"We try our best put the client's needs and goals first"

Our overall goal is to help you by giving you all the tools you need to keep your computer running in today's world of changing technology.

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Is here, at Go Go Fast. You don't want a new computer, just a fast computer. GO GO FAST. 

Form $400 bearbones, plus additional part & $150.00

Computer reconditioning is here, GoGoFast` the way to get more life out of that old computer. Use the the old Caseor or Box
Put inside a NEW Motherboard, CPU, Ram. 

May require 

New Power Supply add $50.00 more.

New Hard drive add $100.00 more

Genuie copy of windows 8 Pro $160.00

I will come colect old desktop computer you pay me for the part and I will returned within 8 working days. One off Pay $150.00 on completion. What you get out of that $150.00 I well Install clean  copy of windows, transfer all you date setup you Email instal all main programes.

Your old computer Box MUST have a "back plate" Witch is were all the computer cables plug in. It's about 16cm x 4.5cm   

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