Look know futher HELP! I can get your compter going, and Go Go Fast. 

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Is here, at Go Go Fast. You don't want a new computer, just a fast computer. GO GO FAST. 

Form $400 bearbones, plus additional part & $150.00

Computer reconditioning is here, GoGoFast` the way to get more life out of that old computer. Use the the old Caseor or Box
Put inside a NEW Motherboard, CPU, Ram. 

May require 

New Power Supply add $50.00 more.

New Hard drive add $100.00 more

Genuie copy of windows 8 Pro $160.00

I will come colect old desktop computer you pay me for the part and I will returned within 8 working days. One off Pay $150.00 on completion. What you get out of that $150.00 I well Install clean  copy of windows, transfer all you date setup you Email instal all main programes.

Your old computer Box MUST have a "back plate" Witch is were all the computer cables plug in. It's about 16cm x 4.5cm  


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